Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher

There’s dishwasher clean and there’s WaterWall™clean


Innovative, jet-powered cleaning

Unlike conventional dishwashers, Samsung’s new WaterWall™ dishwashers use a sweeping wall of jet-powered water to deliver outstanding coverage and cleaning results every time.

Zone Booster™

Precise control

Now you can target both delicate and heavy soiled items in the same wash with Zone Booster™ – two controllable zones for precise, effective cleaning.

Spacious Rack

Flexible design

With the help of the easy slide and release handles the height of the top rack can be adjusted up and down.


Clever thinking

With its unique, removable FlexTray™, cutlery can be loaded flat for a more effective clean and conveniently unloaded in one go.

Gliding Rack

Smooth and stable

The new Glide Rack system ensures the racks are stable and move smoothly even when overloaded or unevenly stacked.

Intuitive, Stylish Design

Ergonomic stylish design

With its ergonomic recessed handle, and outstanding range of washing cycles, WaterWall™ dishwashers are designed to look as good as they perform.

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