Miele Dishwasher

Miele dishwashers are renowned for their superior build quality and perfect cleaning results.

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  1. Tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use
  2. Automatic/Sensor Wash
  3. Patented 3D Cutlery Tray*
  4. Patented AutoOpen Drying*
  5. 3 Powerful Spray Arms
  6. Fully Flexible and Height Adjustable Baskets
  7. Patented Salt in the Door Container*

*Please check the dishwasher features to see if this feature is included

Tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use

To ensure that Miele appliances will stand the test of time and give unbeatable performance for up to 20 years, we really put them through their paces in our test laboratories before full production commences.

  • The interior is formed from one piece of stainless steel for maximum longevity
  • We run a 75°C programme for 7,500 cycles – this equates to one load a day for more than 20 years.
  • We put every door through 100,000 opening and closing cycles – the equivalent of 13 cycles a day for more than 20 years.

Automatic/Sensor Wash

Our Automatic Sensor wash programme monitors water cleanliness and adjusts the dishwasher’s settings to provide optimum water and detergent efficiency to provide perfect results every time.

Patented 3D Cutlery Tray

Our intelligent 3D cutlery tray can be adjusted in three directions and adapts perfectly to various load arrangements. This allows you complete flexibility by enabling awkward items such as ladels to be accommodated and easy placement of tall stem glassware in the upper basket.

Patented AutoOpen Drying

To ensure perfect drying results; at the end of the programme the door of the dishwasher opens automatically and leaves a small gap. This allows fresh air to reach the crockery and even washed items like plastic dishes dry quickly. Your worktop is protected from moisture by special air ducts.

3 Powerful Spray Arms

In Miele dishwashers we have three powerful full-size spray arms; one in the bottom basket for intense cleaning, one for the middle basket and one at the top for our cutlery tray ensuring everything is perfectly clean. The bottom basket spray arm has such powerful jets that they would reach 2m if sprayed directly into the air.

4 Fully Flexible and Height Adjustable Baskets

For all Miele dishwashers, the height of the upper basket is easily adjustable, even in a tilted position - A total of 9 positions are possible. This allows full use of the wash cabinet each time you use the dishwasher. With adjustable glass holders and the 3D cutlery tray, the dishwasher can be flexible to all types of wash loads; just look out for our handy orange guides which mean that area is adjustable.

Patented Salt in the Door Container

For convenience our patented salt container is inside the dishwasher door instead of conventionally being underneath the bottom basket. This means you can now refill it from a standing position with the door half open.

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